DMT-Guru ---- My name is Pete, but you can call me Guru, i'm 17, i'm a loving Hippie who's just trying to be happy in life, i love weed, shrooms, and DMT, they all hold a special place in my heart. I also love dreads and have dreads. My other loves are stoner girls, Pink Floyd, Doctor Who, and my friends. You are always welcome to ask me any question and Always remember, No one knows, the Where's or Why's. Stay righteous.
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Have you ever had a bad trip? I was planning on doing acid with a friend or two of mine, and I'm curious about how it could go.

No i have not, but i’ve known people who have had bad trips and its not something you want to have… just go in happy and excited and you’ll have a good time. Also be careful, theres a lot of fake LSD out there, LSD is very hard to make so people usually use stuff like N-Bomb, if it numbs your tongue it’s N-Bomb, if it has no taste it’s LSD, LSD also glows under a black light, N-Bomb does not. Safe Trippin :P and happy 4/20 :)   

Hey friend, you probably get a lot of this but I was wondering if you could help me out with my first time using DMT. What I would like to know is: using a meth pipe, how do I do it (like do I just heat the bottom of the pipe till it vaporizes, how long do I hold the hits, how many hits etc) and, well, does one normally make noise loud enough for a sleeping person a few rooms down to hear and be woken up? Sorry for bothering you and thanks a lot in advance. :) lovely blog by the way!

just wait till the crystal vaporizes, hold the hit for a few seconds and keep going, most people can get a good 3 hits in before they “Pass Out”, no it’s not loud, your out like a light, i do recommend having a friend there though, mainly to hold the pipe for you if you want another hit lmao and it’s no bother, happy to help :) safe trippin, Stay Righteous 

U know where I can get some weed ?

ummmm… everywhere lmao its not exactly hard to find, ask your friends, ask your friend’s friends. i cant really hook you up my self cuz i dont know where you live. But, if you absolutely know nobody who is selling you could buy off the Deep-Web, if you dont know how to use that just google it or something lol its safe