DMT-Guru ---- My name is Pete, but you can call me Guru, i'm 17, i'm a loving Hippie who's just trying to be happy in life, i love weed, shrooms, and DMT, they all hold a special place in my heart. I also love dreads and have dreads. My other loves are stoner girls, Pink Floyd, Doctor Who, and my friends. You are always welcome to ask me any question and Always remember, No one knows, the Where's or Why's. Stay righteous.
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If i've only smoked weed would it be bad to try DMT haha that sounds weird but someone told me that I should do acid before DMT

I highly recommend doing Shrooms before DMT, do half an 8th and then a full 8th, you’ll be good and ready for DMT, LSD is way to different to DMT for you to prepare yourself with it. Shrooms and DMT are the only classical psychedelics you can get to a level 5 trip on, you can not on LSD, and even Shrooms and DMT chemical structures are similar. Also, LSD is not as intense as Shrooms, if you can handle Shrooms, you can handle almost any psychedelic. Safe Trippin, stay righteous :)      

Been getting my hands lately on some magic truffles. 30g of philosophers stone to be exact.... Might be the best euphoric psychedelic ive ever come across. Have you ever dived inside this delicious treat?

I usually stay away from magic truffles due to the fact that you would have to take more than you would shrooms to trip nice and hard, but i have been thinking of buying some since their nice and cheep now and i’ve heard good thing about them from friends, i’ll give them a shot :)